Submission of Report of C’tee on Review on Armed Forces Act CAP 20

The need for the establishment of necessary institutions and framework to meet the yearnings, aspirations of citizenry, officers and men of the Armed Forces in order to lay solid foundation for an enduring and sustainable legacy for the Armed Forces cannot be overemphasized.

This remark was made known by the Honourable Minister of Defence, Mansur Muhammad Dan-Ali, while receiving the final submission of the reviewed Armed Forces ACT CAP A20 Laws of the federation of Nigeria, 2004, in Abuja.

While addressing the members of the committee, the minister stated with delight that the combined efforts of the report of the constituted Committee has contributed towards his dream of leaving a legacy of a strengthened and sustainable legal framework for regulating the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

The Constituted Committee were mandated to critically examine the Armed Forces ACT of Nigeria, collate views from relevant stake-holders and to come up with a reviewed ACT that is comparable with what is obtainable in other developed democracies.

Dan-Ali said “I have no doubt that the ACT took into consideration our national peculiarities and hoped to command influence in the composition and administration of the military justice system in conformity with constitutional democratic principles, global best practice and standards”.

He further added that these issues came up as a result of the challenging nature of our security environment which assigns our troops to internal security operations, counter insurgency operations, and peace support operations which requires that our soldiers should have a solid ethnical background based on human dignity, rights, morality and tolerance.

Minister added that the reforms made by the Reviewed Committee will go to annals, of history as a ground breaking efforts geared towards bringing the Armed Forces ACT up-to-date in this 21st century, consistent with international Standard and the best practices.

Earlier in her speech, the Director Legal Services from the Ministry of Defence, Federal Ministry of Justice, the Defense Headquarters, the Army, Airforce, Navy, the Nati8onal experts from Military Law and Justice System submitted to the Honourable Minister, the annexture which for parts of their Report which includes (a) compiled copies of Committee’s comprehensive examination of all Sections/provisions of the Armed Forces Act. (b) Compiled copies of memoranda and submissions received from stakeholders. (c) the comprehensive report of the stakeholders meeting held on the 30th May, 2017, (d) proposals containing key modifications, insertions, variations, substitutions and channel to the Armed Forces Act. (e) newly introduced Sections in Armed Forces Act with justifications, (f) clean  draft copy of all proposed amendments submitted as a draft for Armed Forces Amendment Bill.

Mrs Ibekwe thanked the Honourable Minister for given the Committee the opportunity to serve the nation and promised the Minister that copy of the proposed Amen dent shall be forwarded to the Honourable Attorney-general of the Federation and Minister of Justice for further necessary action, after which, same can be submitted to the Federation Executive Council for onward transmission to the National Assembly as an Executive Bill.