Air Force Affairs


The Department consists of two divisions, viz: Hardware and Logistics

The Department of Air Force Affairs has the responsibility for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of capital projects of the Nigerian Air Force.  It is also responsible for the processing of matters affecting the Nigerian Air Force that require the attention of the Ministry.  Specifically, the functions of the Department include the following:

i.    Processing of and advising on policy issues as well as implementation of approved policies relating to the Nigerian Air Force (NAF);
ii.    Organization of contract matters on NAF capital projects that are within the threshold of the Ministry;
iii.    Co-ordination, monitoring, and supervision of NAF capital projects in Liaison with the Ministry’s PRS and Procurement  Departments;
iv.    Processing of NAF’s requirements for the enhancement of maintenance of its equipment and facilities;
v.    General Liaison Services;
vi.    Provision of Secretariat for Air Council Meetings.


The Department made significant achievements in the last one years as follow:

  • Participated at the 55th Anniversary of the Nigerian Air Force, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Participated in the induction of fighter helicopters into the Nigerian Air Force.
  • Convened 4 Nos. Air Force Governing Council Meetings.
  • Facilitated the processing of approvals for the procurement of fighter aircrafts/equipment for the Nigeria Air Force.
  • Processed numerous End User Certificate for and on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.
  • Represented the permanent secretary at the Alumnus meeting of the National Defence College, Abuja.
  • Attended a meeting with the United states of America delegation on Defence
  • Attended the 2nd quarter Air force Institute of technology (AFIT) Governing Council Meeting from 25th -27th of July, 2019.
  • Covered the Permanent secretary’s duties on two occasions during her official trip outside the office.
  • Commissioned two blocks of 12units of one bedroom accommodation at the NDA, Kaduna on behalf of the Permanent Secretary.