2.        INTRODUCTION                                                                            

The Reform Coordination and Service Improvement (RC&SI) Department is one of the Departments created by the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, following the Introduction of the Federal Civil Service Strategy Implementation Plan (FCSSIP 2017-2020) which is charged with improving service delivery and sustaining of the Federal Civil Service Administration Reform (Pillar 4) of the National Strategy for Public Service Reform (NSPSR). The Reform Coordination and Service Improvement Department supports Change, Reform, Innovation and Improvement efforts within the MDAs. It has two divisions; Servicom and Reform.     


To achieve a modern Public Service Organization that provides world-class services for sustainable national development.


To provide a professional Civil Service that is anchored on Stewardship, Trust and Stakeholders’ engagement by ensuring that MDAs are equipped for policy management and good governance.



That Nigerian can only realize its full potential if citizen receive prompt and efficient service from the state.


      Of commitment to the service of the Nigeria Nation.


For the need and right of all Nigerians to enjoy social and economic advancement.


To deliver quality services based upon the needs of citizens.


To providing the services to which each citizen is entitle in a timely, fair, honest and transparent manner.


  • Monitoring and ensuring right service delivery by all Departments of the ministry.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of SERVICOM Units in the CPU’s in the Six (6) Geo-Political zones.
  • Sensitization programme for Staff of the Ministry on the on-going reforms and policies of government as it affects the civil service.
  • Conduct of the Best Staff Award Programme for the ministry.
  • Treating of various complains letters from SERVICOM Headquarters as it affects the ministry.


  • Inauguration of SERVICOM Desk Officer in all our CPU’s.
  • Ensuring SERVICOM compliance within the Ministry and its’ CPU’s.
  • Inauguration of the Ministry’s SERVICOM Focal Officers.
  • Presentation of Award to outstanding and hardworking staff of the Ministry.
  • Putting in place suggestion boxes in strategic locations within the Ministry for active feedback.


  • Supports changes, reforms and Service Improvement efforts within the Ministry
  • Coordinates all reforms, innovation and improvement efforts within the Ministry.
  • Coordinates drives and monitors the reform agenda of the Ministry.
  • Manages and drives SERVICOM aims and initiatives within the Ministry.
  • Trouble-shoot service failures and develop proposals to address them.
  • Work with the leadership of the Ministry to identify processes, systems and service gaps and develop interventions to eliminate such gaps.
  • Develop proposals to address, trouble shoot service failure and research on method of resolving those failures.
  • Research and identify good practices that can be adopted to improve service delivery in the Ministry and it’s Parastatals.
  • Liaises with other Department in the Ministry and OHCSF to develop, refine, improve and recommend more efficient processes and system for the Ministry and its Parastatals to achieve their objectives.
  • Develop and launch initiatives to drive and mainstream a continuous service improvement culture within the Ministry and it’s Parastatals.
  • Develop and deploy change management tools and practices to institute sustainable improvements in the Ministry.


  • Office of the Head of the Civil Service of Federation.
  • Bureau for Public Service Reform
  • Departments of the Ministry
  • Other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), (BPSR).
  • Civil Service Transformation Department
  • Service Policy and Strategies Office
  • Steering Committee on Reforms