Joint Services

The Joint Services Department deals with Tri-Services matters cutting across the Army, Navy and Air Force as well as Defence Institutions.  The Department is made up of 4 (four) Divisions namely:

i.    Parastatals/Special Services;
ii.    Project;
iii.    Compensation and Lands; and 
iv.    Veteran Affairs.

Parastatals/Special Services Division
a.    Oversees activities relating to Peace Keeping Operations;  
b.    Serves as Secretariat for Armed Forces Council, all the tri-Service Institutions like the NDA, NDC, AFCSC, DICON, DIA,   Military Pensions Board, NAFC Oshodi, etc.
c.   Coordinates matters on illicit proliferation of small arms and light weapons.  Matters relating to ECOWAS including import duty and pre-shipment inspection, waivers as well as end user certificates.
d.    Represents the Ministry in Joint Commissions, UN Convention on International Campaign Ban Landmines (ICBL) and   deals with matters relating to bilateral cooperation.
e.    Coordinates all policy matters relating to the ministry and the Tri-Services.

Special Services Branch
i.    Facilitates training process for the Tri-Services; 
ii.    Coordinates Technical Assistance programmes 
iii.    Coordinates matters relating to DIA, Defence Mission abroad, Defence Standing Committees and matters relating to MoU/Agreement on bilateral understanding;
iv.    Coordinating administrative matters for the department

Project Division
i.    Coordinates design, construction, supervision and monitoring of building projects and infrastructure.
ii.    Monitors, evaluates and coordinates projects undertaken by other Parastatals, Institutions and Agencies under the Ministry of Defence.
iii.    Prepares contract document, etcetera

Compensation and Lands Division
(i)    processing of claims on compensation on acquired or requisitioned properties by the Armed Forces; 
(ii)    handling cases bordering on disputes on lands between the Civilian and Armed Forces.
(iii)    keeping records of Armed Forces Properties nationwide; 
(iv)    Liaises with the Federal Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development and other relevant Government Agencies on compensable amount on acquired or requisitioned properties;
(v)    processing of Power of Attorney to Legal Unit for authentication;
(vi)    processing  of petitions; and
(vii)    and other duties assigned by the Director, JSD.

Veteran Affairs Division
i.    Supervises the general administration of veterans.
ii.    Coordinates the commemoration of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day.
iii.    Maintains up to date records on veterans, their activities, health, etc.
iv.    Ensures effective utilization of skills acquired by veterans from Resettlement Centres.
v.    Assists in seeking Micro-Credits, Take-off Grants and Soft Loans for retired and discharged Veterans.
vi.    Maintains abattoirs in Military locations. It also maintains military cemeteries nationwide.
vii.    Supervises and conduct elections into offices of the Nigerian Legion.
viii.    Handling the Military pension matters in collaboration with the Military Pension Board.