Navy Affairs


The Department is headed by a Director and made up of 2 (two) Divisions, namely Navy Logistics Division and Navy Hardware Division.


The Navy Affairs Department is one of the four technical departments of the Ministry of Defence. The others are Joint Services, Army and Air Force Departments. The Ministry of Defence provides administrative and support services for the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to train, equip and maintain a highly 
professional, versatile and combat ready military that would effectively exert timely response in peace and war situations, acting singly or in co-operation with the Armed Forces of friendly nations, for the preservation of the territorial integrity of the country and in pursuit of Nigeria’s domestic and external interests.

The following cardinal principles guide the Ministry of Defence in overseeing the Nigerian Navy (NN):
i.      Maintaining men of the Nigerian Navy in a state of combat readiness; 
        Maintaining a proper balance in arms and men to meet the needs of       internal external security of the country; 
ii.    Making provisions for the welfare of the men of the Navy in terms of training, accommodation, health care and other benefits aimed at boosting their morale; 
iii.    Enhancing the capacity and sophistication of the country’s Defence Industries in order to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources of supply; 
iv.    Ensuring peace and security in the African continent through bilateral, sub-regional and continental co-operation to ward off external aggression and to attain the African objective of the national foreign policy; and
v.    Contributing towards the peace and stability of the world through the United Nations Organisation (UNO).

The detailed functions of the Department, therefore, are:
i.    initiation, planning and formulation of policies affecting the Nigerian Navy; 
ii.    handling matters relating to the affairs of the Nigerian Navy in the Ministry and other MDAs;
iii.    Processing End-User Certificates (EUCs), Import Duty Waivers, Pre-Shipment Exemptions for capital purchases like vessels, arms, ammunition, webbing equipment, etc and ECOWAS Moratorium on Small Arms and Weapons for the Nigerian Navy;
iv.    Liaison between the Ministry of Defence and the Nigerian Navy in the
        relevant areas of responsibility;
v.    Processing the Capital, overhead and Recurrent Budget of Nigerian Navy;
vi.    Providing Secretariat support to the Permanent Secretary in the Nigerian   Navy Board;
vii.    Preparation of draft speeches, memoranda and other documents on matters relating to the Nigerian Navy; and
viii    Performing any other duties that may be assigned by the Honourable Minister of Defence, the Honourable Minister of State for Defence and the Permanent Secretary.

The Navy Logistics Division handles matters that relates to the Navy Board meetings, internal administration of the Department including staff matters. Others are Nigerian Navy (NN) Finance and Budget, Procurement of Simulators, motor vehicles, kitting (uniform, footwear, accoutrement etc), Barracks Development, Engineering constructions, Communication equipment/systems, dockyard and shipyard development, etc – with the cost estimate of N50 Million and above. The Division also carries out pre-shipment inspections/import duty exemptions that apply to the Division’s procurements. 

The Division initiates, formulates and plans policies affecting the NN. It prepares briefs, memoranda, other documentations and analysis of proposals from prospective companies and other companies on matters relating to the NN. It also performs any other duties that they may be assigned by the Director (Navy Affairs), the Permanent Secretary and the Management of the Ministry. Furthermore, the Division processes Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB) and Federal Executive Council (FEC) Memoranda for NN logistics procurements.

The Hardware Division handles matters affecting the procurement of Navy Hardware as provided in the Mainline Budget and other sources with the following specific functions:    
(i).    Inspection, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Nigerian Navy’s  Capital (hardware) projects such as acquisition of ships, boats and other platforms,  arms and ammunition, etc.
(ii)    Organizing Pre-shipment inspections for NN procurements and issuing Completion Certificates as provided in individualized Contract Agreements;   
(iii)    Processing  requests for End-User Certificates (EUCs) for NN Hardware procurements from the Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), Exemption Certificates on ECOWAS Moratorium on small and light arms from the ECOWAS Secretariat, and Exemptions/Waivers Certificates on Import Duty, VAT and Pre-Inspection from the Ministry of Finance (as applicable) for NN hardware procurements;
(iv)    Processing Ministerial Tenders’ Board (MTB) and Federal Executive Council (FEC) Memoranda for NN hardware procurement;
(v)    Processing End User Declarations (EUDs) for NN hardware procurements for the Permanent Secretary’s endorsement;
(vi)    Endorsing signatures for the opening and funding of Letters of Credit (LCs) to the Central Bank for NN hardware procurements; and
(vii)    Performing any other duties that may be assigned by the Director (Navy), Permanent Secretary and the Management.