Army Affairs

The Mandate of the Department which is keyed into that of the entire ministry is to serve as an administrative link with the Nigerian Army towards achieving a well motivated, efficient, compact and combat ready force that can diligently discharge its statutory mandate in protecting the Country’s territorial integrity and promptly react to contemporary challenges. Specifically, the Army Affairs Department is one of the four operational and service Departments in the Ministry of Defence. It is structured into two Divisions namely, Logistics and Hardware, each of which is headed by a Deputy Director.  Its functions are primarily to ensure the implementation of policies that would enhance the realization of goals and objectives of the Nigerian Army, through the development and facilitation of an effective and functional system that would evolve an Army that is vibrant and combat ready.  The Department also serves as an essential link between the Ministry and the Nigerian Army Headquarters.

The Department is charged with the following responsibilities:

(i)    Coordinates the implementation of policy issues relating to the Nigerian Army (NA);
(ii)    Liaises with the NA to prepare its rolling plans and annual budgets;
(iii)    Develops the Capital and Logistics procurement requirement/plans in collaboration with the Nigerian Army.
(iv)  Liaises with other sectors within the government structure on administrative issues for effective and efficient performance of the Nigerian Army.
(v)    Monitors and supervises all Nigerian Army capital projects in conjunction with Planning, Research and Statistics Department (PRS);
(vi)    Provides the secretariat for the Nigerian Army Council;
(vii)    Any other duties as may be assigned by the Permanent Secretary and Honourable Minister.
The Department is headed by a Director who coordinates all policies, programmes, projects and activities relating to the departmental mandates.  Its functions are implemented through two Division i.e Hardware and Logistics each headed by a Deputy Director.  The functions/schedules of the divisions are as follows:

The Hardware Division coordinates all administrative issues/projects relating to:

(i)    EMES (Electrical Mechanical and Engineering School).
(ii)    Artillery.
(iii)    Armoured Vehicles.
(iv)    Inspection of all hardware projects.
(v)    Radars.
(vi)    Small arms, ammunitions and armouries.
(vii)    Other schedules as may be assigned.

The Logistics Division coordinates all administrative issues/projects relating to:
(i)    Infantry.
(ii)    Communications.
(iii)    Vehicles
(iv)    Boats and other logistics.
(v)    Kitting
(vi)    All other issues relating to logistics requirements of the NA.
(vii)    Other schedules as may be assigned.