General Services Department

The General Services Department is in charge of providing Services needed to enhance the Operation of other Departments in the Ministry.

General Services Department is divided into two (2) divisions.

  • General Services Division
  • Maintenance Division
  • General Services: This division is headed by a Deputy Director and saddled with the following responsibilities;
  • Transport Administration
  • Utility Services
  • Store Management
  • Security
  • Communication Facilities
  • Office Allocation and management
  • Allocation/Maintenance of car parks
  • Landscaping and beautification of the car park and
  • Daily cleaning and environmental sanitation of the complex

The Maintenance Division is headed by a Deputy Director. This Division has 7 (Seven) units i.e. Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Building Technical, Building Routine Maintenance and Fire Fighting.

The Estate/Maintenance Division is charged with the following responsibilities:-

  • Maintenance of Electrical System and installations
  • Maintenance of lifts and Generators
  • Repair and Maintenance of Air Condition ers and Refrigerators
  • Maintenance of bui8lding structures including improvement, Extension, rehabilitation and routine maintenance works on bui8lding elements.
  • Water reticulation and plumbing works including maintenance of toilet facilities. Routine maintenance of water equipment
  • Firefighti8ng equipment and installations